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The baby boy or baby girl name Parul comes from the Indian word which means, "Graceful, Flow of Water." Begali word which means, "Flower." Unknown word which means, "a smal white flower put before lord Krishna." Unknown word which means, "First ray of the Sun."

Someone also suggested the name is an Sanskrit word which means, "PRACTICAL." Hindi word which means, " parul means love ." Unknown word which means, "short name for pavati when she was a little girl living with her parents, and her father's joy and pride. he knew that one day she was to marry and leave him forever so he cherished her as long as he had her.."
Numerological Meaning (For Entertainment Purposes Only)
People with this name tend to be very active. They love to travel and hate to sit around in the same spot for too long. They are bold, daring, and persuasive. They love to try new things and take chances. Professionally, they can be successful as a public figure, in the media, or at developing new ideas for small businesses.
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*Numerological Meaning is based on the Pythagorean technique of name numerology, and was adapted from these sources: Wikipedia
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