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The baby boy or baby girl name Saisha comes from the Indian word which means, "God." Unknown word which means, "meaningful life/truth of life." Indian word which means, "with the grace of god." Unknown word which means, ""The girl's name Saisha \sa(i)-sha\ is of Sanskrit origin, and its meaning is "meaningful life; truth of life". The name of a Hindi princess, and a name that appears in religious chants ."

Someone also suggested the name is an Marathi word which means, "Flower of God."
Numerological Meaning (For Entertainment Purposes Only)
People with this name tend to be filled with the joy of life. They are quite imaginative and enthusiastic. They may fear routine and might lack self-discipline. Professionally, they can be successful as a press secretary, planner, or small business promoter.
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*Numerological Meaning is based on the Pythagorean technique of name numerology, and was adapted from these sources: Wikipedia
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