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“It is so easy to share photos and milestones with our family. Every time something new happens, they get an email and are off to look at pictures. Even Grandma figured it out!”
  • Even Grandma can use it
    It's easy to share photos with anyone in your family. All they have to do is click a link, no account or complicated social networking is required.
  • Automatically email family & friends
    We can automatically email family and friends whenever you post new photos or milestones.
    Plus, no account is needed, so grandma doesn't need to figure out a complicated social network!
  • Upload tons of photos quickly
    Our image uploader allows you to select many files at the same time & we'll resize them for a faster upload.
  • Remember Your Child's Milestones
    Using our amazing Life Book, you can quickly post photos & keep track of milestones.
  • Post Directly to Facebook™
    We can post any milestones or photos directly to your Facebook Wall. You can even login directly with your Facebook account.
  • Password protection
    You can choose to password protect your photos & milestones, for added security.
  • It's 100% Free!
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